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facking icons facking pwns.

fadd for facking famazing ficons.

fxcking icons.
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I make icons for you.

No, not fuck, I said fack!
Welcome to facking_icons :]
hiii. :] i am amanda, inl0venevermore.
i make graphics for you here.
and so does the new mod courtney! dx_chick1992 :D
you can use any thing but you must credit back to facking_icons!
please comment the community, we really enjoy them :]
we accept suggestions. so suggest on any entry.
any one is free to join, and i encourage you to join :]
or watch, whatever works for you!
we also make textures and brushes. :]
any thing else, just ask us!
<3 amanda! and courtney! :D

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