request bases :]

hey every one. i have to hold off on the graphics for a while however, i can and will make bases for you :] so request some bases, and please have links to images or caps, and i will try to make some bases for you :]

i'm taking requests :]

okay, so i've decided to make a huge movie quote icon post like i have in the past again. i'm currently doing the movie casino. so don't request that. i might do songs, but i don't know for sure. so basically, comment here with one movie you'd like me to do, or two. i will do at least one of them for you. if you'd like to add a song too, i might do it if i like it. if you put a song down, also leave a link for a copy of the lyrics, cause i'm not going on a hunt :].
movies i've done in past posts [do not request these] :
american history x.
red dragon.
[find them here.]
fight club.
the departed.
randy orton.
on the waterfront.
godfather part ii.
[find them here.]
taxi driver.
[a href=>find them here.</a>]

other than that, any thing goes :]
thank you.
joker whysosrs?


I've been lazy. :/ sorry. So here's the batch...Amanda I will have you some Maria icons posted later tonight or tomorrow hopefully. :D So on to this crappy batch...btw its really a large post that has A LOT of banners so I'm guessing not dial up friendly! aaand...I was working on my cropping and stuff, so if like there's a bajillion icons of teh same pic that's why. XP

Ashley Massaro--23
Candice Michelle--4
Various Divas (Mickie, Maria&Ash)--3
John Cena--14
Chick Magnet and Teh Shaman of Sexy--2 :(
Ric Flair--3
Bret Michaels--6
Step Up 2:The Streets-- 3

Mickie James
John Cena
Miz and Morrison
Randy Orton (he's better full size anyways! lol)
Ric Flair
Cody Rhodes
Bret Michaels
Step Up 2:The Streets
Stock (leopard)


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joker whysosrs?


I suck at being a poster at this place! I've made stuffs, but school's been crazy and I haven't had time. When I get the time to post it'll be a large and random post. So...I might have all the bases covered. But in case I don' there anything ya'll would in particularly like to see. The upcoming post contains (briefly):

Ashley (uh duh lol)
Step Up 2
Miz and Morrison
Bret Michaels

Those are the major groups...there's some random ones here and there so yeah. Make suggestions, I'm here to please! :]